Bison Spirit Necklace

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This ornate spirit necklace is hung upon a handcrafter silver chain. The talisman depicts a Bison, decorated with turquoise, grazing upon a hill. The sun is rising above the Bison in a deep red orb, with deeply etched rays bounding away from it. Five silver eagle feathers, each decorated with turquoise, hang beneath the bison.

The Bison is a deeply important animal in the culture of The Great Plaines tribes. This mighty animal was herded along with the nomadic Native Americans and was especially valued by the Lakota Sioux. It was customary and deeply important to utilize every part of a bison if one was killed, it would be considered deeply dishonorable to do otherwise.

The bison represented abundance and selflessness to most tribes of The Great Plaines. The likeness of a bison was often fashioned into ornate headdresses or quilled into clothing. A bison skull was considered a sacred object, used for rituals and ceremonies. To wear a bison spirit necklace would represent someone’s willingness to give until nothing is left, to be wholly and completely steadfast in their selflessness.

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