Clifton Bia Solid Sterling Silver Navajo Eagle Dancer Statue

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This solid sterling Silver statue, expertly crafted by Clifton Bia, is adorned along the belt and center of the torso with beautiful turquoise gems. The statue is a depiction of a Navajo man wearing an Eagle headdress and ceremonial garb, performing a sacred Eagle Dance. This piece weighs 1.4 lbs. and stands at 12 inches tall.

Ceremonial dances are a common practice throughout Native American Cultures, this remains true for the Navajo. The Eagle Dance is normally performed in early spring by a Navajo man who resembles an eagle by donning an elaborate headdress and other ceremonial attire. He mimics the movement of an eagle in flight before the rest of his tribe, meanwhile calling out and praying to the spirits.

The Eagle Dance is a celebration of The Golden Eagle, known as the Atsashzhiin to the Navajo. Feathers from Atsashzhiin are greatly coveted but cannot be possessed until a proper blessing has been put upon the feather. The Atsashzhiin is a very culturally significant and important bird, treated by the Navajo with the utmost respect and honor.

Item #: 0007