Piegan Plunder by David Powell

oil on board


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This original painting, depicting a mighty Piegan warrior, was done by David Powell in August of 1976. The somber piece features a blend of cool greens, blues, and grays as the Northern Plains; yet is dominated by an expanse of tonal reds and oranges that loom over the retreating hills. This piece was done with Oil on canvas board, and measures 16” by 20”.

The Piegan were the largest of the three Blackfoot speaking tribes of the Northern Plaines, a nomadic people, they would shepherd and chase herds of buffalo across the great prairies and valleys of North America. Along with the other tribes of the Northern Plaines, the Piegan would eventually be crowded into reservations in Montana. This painting, however, remembers a Piegan warrior in his fullest glory. The man sits loftily and stoically upon his mare, adorned in his ornate headdress and brandishing the spear of a seasoned hunter. Behind him is another of his tribe, and a mighty band of horses ride at their heels. The sun sets over them all in brilliant sadness, hues of red and orange exploding beneath a dark sky.

Powell, born 1954 in Kalispell MT, expertly captures the majesty and power, along with the looming tragedy that is the history of the Native American people. This piece, like his others, is wonderfully rendered. Powell now resides in Santa Fe, AZ.

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