Unmarked Black Leather Saddle

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This saddle is modeled in the fashion of a classic Western saddle design, likely made for specific use as a roper’s or cattle driver’s saddle, which can be gathered by observing the protruding horn on the saddle’s front. The core frame of the saddle is made from a durable wood, known commonly as a wooden tree- frame, wherein the saddle maker has hollowed out and carved a single trunk into the shape of a seat. The leather covering of the saddle has been stained a deep matte black, and retains extraordinarily little gleam or glisten, instead taking on the look of a classically dusted leather. Hand tooling is noticeable over the entire saddle, excluding the seat, which has been done in a timeless western floral fashion. The cantle, swell, and girdle have all been reinforced from the outside by a few engraved steel plates, the cap on the horn is simple leather but prominently features a flower in fullest bloom. Steel also appears to have been used for the conchos. This saddle features no breast strap, so it could be assumed that this saddle was not meant for too hard of riding. The stirrups rest about 30 inches below the seat. The saddle is roughly 27 inches long and 20 inches wide.

Given that this saddle is unmarked, one could presume that it was handmade by a tanner or leatherworker who managed a small local trade, rather than by some larger dry goods distributor. By that presumption, a certain hope that a special level of care went into the craftsmanship would hardly be misplaced. The saddle is quite beautiful without appearing gawdy or sacrificing anything in terms of usefulness and durability. One can especially note the aesthetically pleasing and expertly executed tooling and engraving on the leather and steel plating. This would assuredly be a fantastic addition for anyone inclined to collect classic artifacts and relics of the bygone wild western era.

Item #: 0271