Studded Riding Saddle

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This saddle is made with a rather soft wooden tree frame, is incredibly light weight, and very well worn. A simple piece, the saddle features no tooling of any kind, the only decoration being a large amount ofstudding around the cantle and pommel. There is no horn in front of the seat, so herding or cattle roping of any kind would have been difficult. Likely, this saddle was simply meant for use during trail-riding. There are no visible marks denoting when or where the saddle was made, or even any indication as to who the saddle maker was. It is possibly the saddle was made by an individual for personal use, and therefore needed no mark for transaction. The saddle measures about twenty inches long and seventeen inches wide, with stirrups resting roughly twenty-seven inches below the seat.

Despite it baring no explicit markings to indicate its origin, this saddle would still serve as an interesting piece in a collection. The well-worn leather and overall weathering tell a sort of story for this saddle in and of itself. One can easily picture the timeless scene of the rider who used this, as they braved the dusty trails and sun-bathed roads of the wild western frontier.

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