Throwing Tomahawk

forged metal

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A solidly forged iron tomahawk. The blade has an even curve from the toe to the heel. The edge blends simply and strongly into the blade’s flat cheek, and the poll extends opposite, ending in a point. The tomahawk’s haft is also forged from solid iron and is securely fixed to the weapon’s head. A badge reading “T19” is attached onto the tomahawk’s head by a small chain. The title “English & Huber’s can be read on one cheek, in dye stamp letters.

This solidly forged iron Tomahawk was a common tool for hunters and trappers on the American frontier. Modelled after the Tomahawk’s used by Native American’s, this tool could be used in hand to hand combat, thrown as a projectile, or used to cut wood. It is likely that this Tomahawk was used by a hunter or trapper in the employ of The American Fur Company, as the title stamped on the axe head reads ”English & Huber’s” a known supplier of The American Fur Co. This Tomahawk was likely forged and used some time in the early to mid-19th century.

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